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Delve deeper into Napoleonic history here in our section on the history of the two empires. Alongside a section for those just starting, there are many articles, images with commentary, close-ups and special dossiers for the serious Napoleonic enthusiast.

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 26 December 1999: Empire ravaged by storm

A historical presentation and the restoration work performed on the great Napoleonic parks devastated by the storm of 26 December 1999. Discover the richness and diversity of a little-known aspect of the First Empire, the art of the garden.

A Fondation Napoléon sponsored project.
In partnership with the Musées nationaux of Malmaison et Bois-Préau, the Domaine national du château de Fontainebleau, the Musées nationaux and Domaine du château de Compiègne, and the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud.


 The Suez Isthmus: The Joining of Two Seas

This story, one of the most extraordinary in the history of the 19th century, is the tale of the passion, the almost super-human will, and the genius of just one man, Ferdinand de Lesseps, who by his piercing of the Suez Isthmus joined East to West and brought life to the desert.
In partnership with the Centre historique des Archives Nationales.


 The great manoeuvres

From 1857 to 1870, the French Army held its training manoeuvres at the Châlons camp. For the Emperor Napoleon III, Gustave Le Gray immortalized the regiments of the prestigious Imperial Guard, the intrepid and picturesque Zouaves, the Cent-gardes and the dragoons with their glittering uniforms.
In partnership with the Musée de l'Armée.



Ogre? Devil? Poisoned dwarf?
Though often idolised these days, Napoleon in his time aroused the most violent hatred. English humour, German satires, French political subversion...
In partnership with the Musée de Malmaison.






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