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Delve deeper into Napoleonic history here in our section on the history of the two empires. Alongside a section for those just starting, there are many articles, images with commentary, close-ups and special dossiers for the serious Napoleonic enthusiast.

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A timeline, an article or two, some biographies, a few images, and a bibliography, in short a close-up on a topic related to the First and Second French Empires. You can search for other close-ups either by keyword or by theme.

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A close up on: the battles of Magenta and Solferino, 1859


 Major Players


GYULAY, Ferencz József (Franz Josef), Austrian general
BENEDEK, Ludwig August Ritter von, Austrian general

BARAGUEY D'HILLIERS, Achille, French general and politician
CANROBERT, François Certain, French general and politician
MAC MAHON, Patrice, French general and politician
NIEL, Adolphe, French general and politician
REGNAUD DE SAINT-JEAN D'ANGELY, Auguste, French general


FANTI, Manfredo, Italian general and politician
LA MARMORA, Alfonso Ferrero, Marchese del, Italian general and politician



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