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A timeline, an article or two, some biographies, a few images, and a bibliography, in short a close-up on a topic related to the First and Second French Empires. You can search for other close-ups either by keyword or by theme.

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A close-up on: the Franco-British expedition to China, 1860



- Letter regarding the burning of the Summer Palaces from Victor Hugo to Captain Butler
- Sir Harry Parkes on the burning of the Summer Palaces
- Account of the burning of the Summer Palaces, The Story of Chinese Gordon, by Alfred Egmont Hake
- Conditions of the Convention of Peking, The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser
- Letter from China, Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser
- Account of the Taku Forts incident, 1859, The Life of Sir Harry Parkes, by Stanley Lane-Poole
- Articles from the French treaty with China, Le Moniteur Universel
- "The Chinese Collection at the Crystal Palace" (external link)
- "The plunder of the Summer Palace at Pekin" (external link)
Recent articles on China's cataloguing of 'lost' items from Summer Palaces (external links)
- "China in worldwide treasure hunt for artefacts looted from Yuan Ming Yuan palace", The Times, 20 October, 2009
- "The death of Times man led to sacking of Old Summer Palace", The Times, 27 February, 2009
- "Experts track relics from old palace", China Daily, 19 January, 2010



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