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Delve deeper into Napoleonic history here in our section on the history of the two empires. Alongside a section for those just starting, there are many articles, images with commentary, close-ups and special dossiers for the serious Napoleonic enthusiast.

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A timeline, an article or two, some biographies, a few images, and a bibliography, in short a close-up on a topic related to the First and Second French Empires. You can search for other close-ups either by keyword or by theme.

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A close-up on: Napoleon's entry into Berlin, 27 October, 1806



- Napoleon meditating before the tomb of Frederick II of Prussia in the crypt of the Garnisonkirche in Potsdam, by Marie Nicolas Ponce-Camus
- H.M. the Emperor visiting the tomb of Frederick the Great, by Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard
- The emperor's entry into Berlin, by Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret
- The Prussian campaign: the 21st Bulletin of the Grande Armée
- The emperor's clemency towards Madame de Hatzfeld, by Louis Lafitte
- Caricature: Return of the Brandenburg horses



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