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A close-up on: the great British and French universal exhibitions during the Second Empire



- The Angelus, by Millet (1857, exhibited in Shanghai in 2010)

- Standing portrait of Napoleon III, in the uniform of Brigadier General, in his Grand Cabinet at the Tuileries, by Flandrin, exhibited in London in 1862

- Costume Ball at the Tuileries Palace, by Carpeaux (Ball organised on the occasion of the Paris exhibition in 1855)


- The Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867.Their imperial majesties and the Viceroy of Egypt visit the temple of Edfu
- The Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867: the overseas park, the Egyptian temple, the mosque and the Viceroy of Egypt's palace

- The Egyptian temple: the Universal Exhibition of 1867

Overview of the Egyptian park at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867

Exterior of the Suez isthmus pavilion, at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867

 Objets d'art and sculptures

Statue of Josephine by Vital-Dubray (1813-1892), at Bois-Préau, commissioned by Napoleon III and presented at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867

- Napoleon dying on St Helena. Statue acquired by Napoleon III during the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867

- Napoleon I as legislator, statue presented at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867

The ‘surtout de table' garniture for the hundred-piece table service: "France distributing wreaths of glory", made by Christophle and exhibited at the pièce Paris Universal Exhibition of 1855


Bois de Vincennes, Paris

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Watercolours of the Great Exhibition, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
(external link)
Images of the London International Exhibition of 1862
(external link)
Period photographs of the 1867 universal exhibition
(external link, in French)



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