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We have selected here for you a list of books (all currently available) which we consider key works on the life and works of Napoleon Bonaparte and the First Empire in general - all are currently available in the shops.



Dictionnaire Napoléon, ed. Jean Tulard, Paris: Fayard, 2ème édition, 1999, 2 volumes

In French but worth the effort.
See also: Pope, S., Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars, New York: Facts on File, 2000, 572 p.

voirBiographies of Napoleon


Tulard, J. (trans. T. Waugh), Napoleon: the myth of the saviour, London: Methuen, 1985, 470 p.

The key text - the translation is however occasionally not up to the task.

Ellis, G., Napoleon, Longman Higher Education (Profiles in Power series), 1997, 304 p.

Key basic introduction.

Woloch, I., Napoleon and His Collaborators: The Making of a Dictatorship, New York: W. W. Norton, 2001

Fascinating discussion of Napoleon's right- and left-hand men.

voirOn the Consulate and Empire


Blanning, T. C. W. (ed.), The Eighteenth Century: Europe 1688-1815, London, New York: Oxford University Press, 2000, 301 p.

Incisive overview.

voirOn British Politics


Ehrman, J., The Younger Pitt, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1997, 914 p.

The principal work on Pitt.

voirOn Napoleonic Germany


Nipperdey, T., Germany From Napoleon to Bismark 1800-1866, Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 1996, 760 p.

The key work for the 19th century history of Germany.



Smith, D., Napoleon's Regiments: Battle Histories of the Regiments of the French Army, 1792-1815, London: Greenhill Books, 2000

Key book for history of the Napoleonic army.


Smith, D., The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars data book, London: Greenhill Books, 2000, 582 p.

All those military facts at your fingertips.

voirArt History

Wilson-Smith, T., Napoleon and His Artists. London: Constable, 1996, 306 p.



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