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Publication of the General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte

The corresponding members at the heart of the project to publish the General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte

The publication of the General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte is in permanent need of anyone interested in the Napoleonic period and with a little time at their disposal. The task to hand is to read and analyse Napoleon’s letters, make transcriptions and carry out document searches, all done in a studious yet relaxed atmosphere.

Following inventory and collection carried out in archive centres, libraries etc., in France and abroad, copies of the available texts are studied at the Fondation Napoléon.

The corresponding members take charge of copies of letters which, once they have been analysed and decrypted, are integrated into the computer software. This invaluable research work makes it possible to determine the definitive text to be published, by establishing variations between the original manuscripts and letters already published, but equally by transcribing unpublished letters.

Set up in 2003, the software for managing the Correspondence is easy to access and makes it simple to regroup data. Corresponding members are trained in its use and helped in their research work (bibliography, transcription etc) by employees at the Fondation.

Work is conducted at the offices of the Fondation Napoléon, 148 bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris, from Monday to Friday, 9.45am to 6pm.

The corresponding members, worthy successors to Bourrienne, Fain and Méneval, are an essential link in the chain for publication of the General Correspondence. If you would like to be part of a friendly team of more than 50, and take part in an unprecedented historical adventure, please contact:

François Houdecek, publishing manager of the Correspondence, (houdecek(at)
Elodie Lerner (lerner(at)
Telephone: + 33 (0) 156 43 46 07.




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