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The Marshals of the First Empire (November 2001)

1. The rank of marshal:
was abolished during the Convention, on 21 february, 1793?
was abolished during the Directory, on 21 February, 1798?
was never abolished but was simply modified?

2. The title marshal is:
a purely civil title giving rank at court
the highest rank in the military hierarchy

3. In order, a marshal ranks:
above minister
below minister

4. What was the exact title born by the marshals?
Maréchal de l'Empire
Maréchal de France
Maréchal de l'Empire français

5. The first marshal was created:
on 19 May, 1804
on 19 June 1804
during the coronation ceremony, 4 December, 1804

6. When the first marshals were first created, there were:
14 titular marshals and 4 honorary marshals (Kellermann, Lefebvre, Perignon, Sérurier, all senators since the beginning of the Consulate)
16 marshals, all titular
12 titular marshals and 3 honorary marshals (Lefebvre, Perignon, Sérurier, all senators since the beginning of the Consulate)

7. How many marshals were appointed after the first promotions in 1804?

8. How many marshals did not swear the oath of allegiance on 19 May, 1804?
3 (Brune, Lannes, Soult; the latter 2 on the day of the coronation, 4 December
4 (Brune, Jourdan, Lannes, Soult; the latter 3 on the day of the coronation, 4 December, 1804)

9. Why did Jourdan not figure in the l'Almanach impérial of 1809?
Because of serious differences of opinion with Napoleon regarding policy in Spain
Because of his position as Chief of Staff in Spain under king Joseph

10. Which of these two was never made marshal?

11. Which of these three statements concerning the marshals Poniatowski and Masséna is correct?
they were not born in France (Poniatowski, in Warsaw, Poland; Masséna, in Nice, territory belonging to the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia)
they were both born the same year, 1758
they were made marshal at the same time

12. Which of these statement concerning marshals Brune and Masséna is correct?
they were never wounded on campaign
they were both made marshals in 1804
they swore the oath of allegiance after 19 May, 1804

13. Marshal Victor also bore the title:
Duc de Cadore
Duc de Bellune
Duc de Vicence

14. Poniatowski was a marshal for:
3 months
3 weeks
3 days

15. Davout was the youngest ever marshal, appointed at the age of:



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