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Napoleon I at the cinema (July 2002)

1. Who wrote the music for Abel Gance's Napoleon?
Arthur Honneger
Abel Gance himself
Ernest Dupaille

2. How many years separated Abel Gance's 'Napoleon' from his 'Austerlitz'?

3. How many times did Marlon Brando play Napoleon?
Twice (in 'Désirée' by Koster and in 'War and Peace' by Vidor)
Once (in Désirée by Koster)

4. In which 1934 film did Paul Irving play Napoleon?
L'Agonie des Aigles
The Count of Monte Christo
The Iron Duke

5. In 1937, Greta Garbo played which Napoleonic role?
The Empress Josephine
Marie Walewska
Madame Récamier

6. In 1938, a film was made about the construction of the Suez Canal. Tyrone Power played which role?
Napoleon III
Ferdinand de Lesseps
The Duc de Morny

7. In the 1936 film 'The charge of the Light Brigade', Errol Flynn played which role?
Major Geoffrey Vickers
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Napoleon III

8. In which film did Emile Drain as Napoleon deliver the famous line 'You, Talleyrand, are a turd in silk hose'?
Le Brigadier Gérard
Madame Sans-Gêne
Le diable boiteux

9. In which film did Herbert Lom play Napoleon?
The Iron Duke
Young Mr Pitt
Hearts Divided

10. In which Napoleonic film did Marlene Dietrich make her film debut?
Grafin Walewska
Königin Luise
Der Kleine Napoleon

11. In which country did the the production company for the film 'Monsieur N' built a full-size replica of Longwood?
South Africa

12. In Uberto (Full Monty) Pasolini's soon to be generally released film on Napoleon, who plays Napoleon?
Richard E. Grant
Ian Holm
Philippe Torreton

13. Which actor declared: 'to play Napoleon, just think about your income tax, and you pretty much get the expression you need'?
Christian Clavier
Pierre Mondy
Raymond Pellegrin



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