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The Correspondence of Napoleon I (June 2004)

In 2002, the Fondation Napoléon launched the project to publish to complete General Correspondence of Napoleon: the commission organised by Napoleon III had "forgotten" a certain number of known letters, and many letters were not communicated to that commission. To find out more or to participate in the project, contact Peter Hicks.
Quiz: E. Barthet

1. How many letters did Napoleon send?
About 22,000
About 33,000
About 65,000

2. On what date and to whom did Napoleon write his first letter?
28 March, 1784, to his mother
13 September, 1784, to his father
5 june, 1784, to his Uncle Fesch

3. To which of these women did Napoleon write the most?
Marie Walewska

4. Which other French ruler(s) used the letter ending "Sur ce je prie Dieu qu'il vous ait en sa sainte et digne garde" (May God keep you in his holy and worthy protection)?
Louis XIII
Louis XIV
Frederick II, king of Prussia

5. Who was Napoleon's first secretary?
The Baron de Meneval
The Baron Fain

6. How many books entitled 'Letters of Napoleon' have been published?

7. "Je n'ai pas passé un jour sans t'aimer, je n'ai pas passé une nuit sans te serrer dans mes bras" (I have not spent a day without loving you; I have not spent a night without clasping you in my arms): How much did these loving words go for at auction in Paris in 1997 ? (Hint: the answer can be found in the In pictures section)
150,000 Francs
400,000 Francs
650,000 Francs

8. In which languages could Napoleon write?

9. How many letters could Napoleon write or dictate in one day to the same addressee?
more than 3
more than 5
more than 10

10. Which non-French institution owns the most original Napoleon letters?
The Austrian State archives in Vienna
The British Library in London
The Vatican Secret Archive

11. How many institutions worldwide possess Napoleon letters?

12. To which member(s) of his family did Napoleon write the most?
His brother, Jérôme
His brother, Joseph
To his step-son, Eugène de Beauharnais

13. Which types of communication did Napoleon use in addition to the postal service?
Carrier pigeon

14. In which year did Napoleon write the most letters?
1804, the year of his coronation
1810, the year of his marriage with Marie-Louise
1813, the year of the declaration of war against Prussia

15. On what date and to whom did Napoleon write his last letter?
28 March, 1821, to Hudson Lowe
25 April, 1821 to La Bouillerie, private treasurer
2 May, 1821 to Montholon



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