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For a no-hassle installation of our screen saver of Napoleon's most famous remarks, "Napoléon dixit", simply follow the instructions below.

First, highlight these words, copy to them to your editorial software and print out this page . Then click on the above words 'Napoleon Dixit'.
In the 'Save As' box, choose a destination folder for the compressed files and click on 'Save' to save those files to it. On completion of the download, open 'Explorer' (or your file manager) and locate the downloaded file.
Double click on the icon 'napossav.exe' to decompress the installation files. In the 'WinZip Self-Extractor' window either accept the default folder destination (c:\Win95\TEMP, c:\Windows\TEMP or similar) or select your own, user-defined folder. Click on the button 'UnZip' to decompress the installation files.
Close the 'WinZip Self-Extractor' window and open the default folder (c:\Win95\TEMP, c:\Windows\TEMP or similar) or the specified user-defined folder.
Click on the program executive file icon 'set-up.exe' to install the screen-saver.

Download now.

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