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Discover a world of films dedicated to the First Empire.

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  •  1897

Entrevue de Napoléon et du Pape / Interview between Napoleon and the Pope (French, by Lumière)

  •  1898

Bonaparte au pont d'Arcole / Napoleon at the Arcole Bridge (French)

  •  1903

Napoléon Bonaparte (French, by Zecca and Nonguet)


Napoléon et le Grognard (French)

  •  1907

La Partie d'échecs de Napoléon / Napoleon's game of chess (French, by Jasset)


Napoleone sull'isola di Elba / Napoleon on the island of Elba (Italian)

  •  1908

Napoleon and the English Sailor (English, by Collins; W. Humphrey as Napoleon)

  •  1909

Napoleon, the man of destiny (English, by Blackton)


Napoleon and Empress Josephine of France (English, by Blackton)


L'Assassinat du duc d'Enghien / The murder of the Duc d'Enghien (French, by Capellani)


Napoleone e la principessa Hatzfeld / Napoleon and the Princess Hatzfeld (Italian)


Bonaparte et Pichegru (French, by Denola)


Le Duc de Reichstadt (French, by Denola)


Le Prince Murat (French, by G. de Liguoro)

  •  1910

Napoléon et la sentinelle (French, by Desfontaines)


1814 (French, by Louis Feuillade)


Napoléon en Russie (by Gontcharov)


Madame Sans-Gêne (Danish)


L'Impératrice Joséphine (French, director unknown)


El Budskab til Napoleon pa Elba / Napoleon on the island of Elba (by and starring Viggo Larsen in the role of Napoleon)

  •  1911

Sainte-Hélène (French, by Caserini)


Madame Sans-Gêne (French, by Pouctal; Duquesne as Napoleon)


Il Granatiere Roland / Grenadier Roland (Italian, by Maggi)

  •  1912

Le Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène (French, by Carré)


L'Année 1812 (by Gontcharov)


Joséphine impératrice et reine (French, Pouctal)


L'Enlèvement de Bonaparte (French, director unknown)

  •  1913

Battle of Waterloo (English, director unknown)


Le Baiser de l'Empereur / The Emperor's kiss (French, by Machin; Charlier as Napoleon)


Un Episode de Waterloo (French, by Machin)


Königin Luise / Queen Luisa (German, by F. Porten)


Napoleone, epopea napoleonica / Napoleon, the Napoleonic epic (Italian, by Bencivenga)

  •  1914

Napoleon, the Man of Destiny (English, by W. Edwin; with W. Humphrey)


Napoléon du sacre à Sainte-Hélène / Napoleon from his coronation to St. Helena (French, by Machin; Charlier as Napoleon)

  •  1915

Brigadier Gerard (English, by B. Haldane; A.E. George as Napoleon)


Voina i mir / War and Peace (Russian, by and starring Gardine as Napoleon)

  •  1920

Napoleon und die kleine Washerin / Napoleon and the little washerwoman (German, director unknown)

Filmography taken from the Dictionnaire Napoléon (1999) "Napoléon au cinéma" Philippe d'Hugues pp. 441-43.



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