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Discover a world of films dedicated to the First Empire.

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  •  1921

L'Agonie des Aigles / The Eagles' agony (French, by Bernard Deschamps; Severin Mars as Napoleon)


Grafin Walewska / Duchess Walewska (German, director unknown)


L'Aiglonne (French, by Keppens; Emile Drain as Napoleon)

  •  1922

Monte-Cristo (American, by Flynn; Campbell as Napoleon)

  •  1923

Der Kleine Napoleon / Little Napoleon (German by Jacoby; Egon van Hagen as Napoleon; Marlène Dietrich in her début role)


Vanity Fair (German, by Ballin; with Otto Matiesen as Napoleon)


Der Junge Medardus / Young Medardus (Austrian, by Kertesz/Curtiz)


Scaramouche (American, by Rex Ingram; Vorkapitch as Bonaparte)

  •  1925

Madame Sans-Gêne (French, by Léonce Perret; with Gloria Swanson - E.Drain as Napoleon)


Napoléon (French, by Abel Gance with Albert Dieudonné)

  •  1927

Königin Luise / Queen Luisa (German, by Grüne with Charles Vanel)


Fighting Eagle (American, by Crips; Max Barwyn as Napoleon)


Madame Récamier (French, by Ravel; Emile Drain as Napoleon)

  •  1928

Napoleon's Barber (American, by John Ford with Otto Matiesen)


Destinée (French, by H. Roussel; Jean-Napoléon Michel as Bonaparte)


Glorious Betsy (American, by Crosland; Amato as Napoleon)


Le Brigadier Gérard (French, by Donald Griop; E. Drain as Napoleon)


Waterloo (German, by Grüne with Charles Vanel as Napoleon)

  •  1929

Devil May Care (American, by S. Franklin; Humphrey as Napoleon)


Napoleon auf St.Helena / Napoleon on St Helena (German, by Lupu-Pick with W. Krauss as Napoleon)


Seven Faces (American, by Viertel with P. Muni)

  •  1930

Die Letze Kompanie / The last company (German, by K. Bernhardt)

  •  1931

Luise, Königin von Preussen / Luisa, Queen of Prussia (German, by Frölich)


York (German, by Ucicky)


Der Kongress tantz / The happy conference (German, by Etienne Charel)


Il campo marzo o i cento giorni / Campo marzo or the hundred days (Italian, by Forzano; Corrado Racca as Napoleon - in the German version, by Wenzler, the role was played by W. Krauss)


L'Aiglon (French, by Tourjansky (based on Rostand); Emile Drain as Napoleon)

  •  1932

Der Rebell / The Rebel (German, by Trenker with V. Varconi)

  •  1933

L'Agonie des Aigles / The Eagles' agony (French, by Richebé)

  •  1934

The Count of Monte-Cristo (American, by Lee; Paul Irving as Napoleon)

  •  1935

Becky Sharp (American, by Mamoulian)


The Iron Duke (English, by V. Saville)

  •  1936

Anthony Adverse (American, by M. Le Roy; Rollo Lloyd as Napoleon)


Hearts Divided (American, by Borzage; W. Ruggles as Napoleon - Claude Rains as Napoleon in the French version)


The Spy of Napoleon (American, by Elvey)

  •  1937

Les Perles de la Couronne / The jewels in the crown (French, by Sacha Guitry with Jean-Louis Barrault as Bonaparte)


The Firefly (American, by R.Z. Leonard)


Conquest (American, by C. Brown with Charles Boyer as Napoleon and Greta Garbo as Marie Walewska)

  •  1938

Remontons les Champs-Elysées / Let's go down the Champs-Elysées (French, by Guitry)


Royal Divorce (English, by J. Raymond; Pierre Blanchar as Napoleon)

  •  1939

La Sposa dei re / The bride of kings (Italian, by Coletti)

Filmography taken from the Dictionnaire Napoléon (1999) "Napoléon au cinéma" Philippe d'Hugues pp. 441-43.



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