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Discover a world of films dedicated to the First Empire. 1940-1960

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  •  1941

Madame Sans-Gêne (French, by Richebé with Dieudonné as Napoleon and Arletty)


That Hamilton woman (American, by Korda)


Young Mr Pitt (English, by C. Reed; Herbert Lom as Napoleon)

  •  1942

Le Destin fabuleux de Désirée Clary / The extraordinary destiny of Désirée Clary (French, by Guitry; Barrault as Napoleon)

  •  1943

Sant'Elena, piccola Isola / The small island of St Helena (Italian, by R. Simoni; R. Ruggieri as Napoleon)


Le Colonel Chabert (French, by Le Hénaff)

  •  1944

Pamela ou l'Enfant du Temple / Pamela, or the child from the Temple (French, by Hérain; Jean Chaduc as Bonaparte)


Napoleon (Argentinian, by Amadori)


Kutuzov (Russian, by Petrov)

  •  1945

Kolberg (by Veit Harlan, with Heinrich George)

  •  1948

Colonel Durand (French, by Chanas)


Le Diable boiteux / The devil with a limp (French, by Guitry; E. Drain as Napoleon)

  •  1949

Reign of Terror (American, by A. Mann)

  •  1950

Augustina de Aragon (Spanish, by Juan de Orduna)

  •  1951

L'Agonie des Aigles / The eagles' agony (French, by Alden-Delos)


Napoleone (Italian, by Carlo Borghesio; Renato Ravel as Napoleon)

  •  1952

Scaramouche (American, by G.Sidney)

  •  1953

Sea Devil (English, by Walsh; G. Oury as Napoleon)

  •  1954

Napoléon (French, by Sacha Guitry; Daniel Gélin as Bonaparte; Raymond Pellegrin as Napoleon)


Désirée (American, by Koster with Marlon Brando as Bonaparte)

  •  1955

The Purple Mask (English, by Humberstone)

  •  1956

War and Peace (American, by K. Vidor; H. Lom as Napoleon)

  •  1957

Königin Luise / Queen Luisa (German by Libeneiner; René Deltgen as Napoleon)


The Story of Mankind (American, by Allen)

  •  1958

Der Schinderhannes (German, by Kautner)

  •  1960

Austerlitz (French, by Abel Gance with P. Mondy as Napoleon)

Filmography taken from the Dictionnaire Napoléon (1999) "Napoléon au cinéma" Philippe d'Hugues pp. 441-43.



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