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Discover a world of films dedicated to the First Empire.

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 1960 to the present day

  •  1961

Madame Sans-Gêne (French, by Christian-Jaque with Sophia Loren and J. Bertheau)


Napoléon II, L'Aiglon (French, by Boissol; Jean-Marc Thibault as Napoleon)

  •  1962

Vénus impériale / Imperial Venus (Franco-Italian, by Jean Delannoy with R. Pelegrin and Gina Lollobrigida)

  •  1965

Popioly / Ashes (Polish, by Wajda; J. Zakrzeuski as Napoleon)

  •  1966

La Sentinelle endormie / The sleeping guard (French, by Dréville)

  •  1967

Voina i mir / War and Peace (Russian, by Bondarchuk (in four parts) with Strijeltchick as Napoleon)


Maria and Napoleon (Polish, by Buczkowski)

  •  1969

L'Auberge des Plaisirs / The hotel of pleasure (Austrian, by F. Legrand)


Oui à l'Amour, non à la guerre / Love not war (ditto)


Eagle in a Cage (English, by F. Cook, with Kenneth Haigh; Gieguld as Hudson Lowe)

  •  1970

Waterloo (Russian, by Bondarchuk; Rod Steiger as Napoleon)


The Adventures of Gerard (English, by Stolimowski; Eli Wallach as Napoleon)

  •  1974

Love and Death (American, by Woody Allen; James Tolkan as Napoleon)

  •  1977

Premier Empire / First empire in Guerres Civiles en France / Civil wars in France (French, by F. Barrat)


The Duellists (American, by R. Scott)

  •  1980

Le Aventure e gli Amori di Scaramouche / The adventures of Scaramouche (Italian, by Castellari; Aldo Maccione as a grotesque Bonaparte and Ursula Andress as a blond Josephine)

  •  1982

Time Bandits (English, by Terry Gilliam; Ian Holm as Napoleon)

  •  1985

Adieu Bonaparte (Franco-egyptian film by Youssef Chahine; Patrice Chéreau as Bonaparte)

  •  1994

Colonel Chabert (French, by Yves Angelo)

Filmography taken from the Dictionnaire Napoléon (1999) "Napoléon au cinéma" Philippe d'Hugues pp. 441-43.



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