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Discover a world of films dedicated to the Second Empire.

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  •  1941

Sarasate (by Richard Busch with Ignacio Mateo in the role of Napoleon III and Rosina Mendia as the Empress)

  •  1942

Lettres d'Amour / Love Letters (French, by Claude Autant-Lara with Odette Joyeux and Jean Debucourt in the role of Napoleon III)


Mam'zelle Bonaparte (French, by Maurice Tourneur with Edwige Feuillère in the role of Cora Pearl, Guillaume de Sax as Jérôme Bonaparte and Aimé Clariond as the Duc de Morny)


La Contessa Castiglione (Italian, by Flavio Calzavara with Doris Duranti in the role of the countess Castiglione, Enzo Biliotti as Napoleon III and Maria Pia Spini in the role of the Empress Eugénie)

  •  1943

The Song of Bernadette (American, by Henry King with Jennifer Jones, Jerome Cowan in the role of Napoleon III and Patricia Morrison as the Empress Eugénie)


Mexicanos all Grito de Guerra (Mexican, by Alvaro Galvez y Fuentes with Pedro Infante, Lina Montes et Angel T. Sala in the role of Napoleon III)

  •  1944

Eugenia de Montijo (Spanish, by José Lopez Rubio with Amparo Rivelles in the role of the Empress Eugénie and Mariano Asquerino as Napoleon III)

  •  1946

Admiral Nakhimov (Russian, by Vsevolod Pudovkine with Alexei Diki, Vsevolod Pudovkine and A. Khokolov as Napoleon III)

  •  1948

D'hommes à hommes / Man to man (French, by Christian-Jacque with Jean-Louis Barrault and Jean Debucourt in the role of Napoleon III)

  •  1949

La Valse de Paris (French, by Marcel Achard with Pierre Fresnay as Offenbach, Yvonne Printemps as Hortense Schneider and Lucien Nat in the role of Napoleon III)


Idol of Paris (American, by Leslie Arliss with Michael Rennie, Margaretta Scott in the role of the Empress Eugénie et Kenneth Kent as Napoleon III)

  •  1950

Stronghold (American, by Steve Sekely with Arturo de Cordova, Sarita Montiel, Zachary Scott)


The Eagle and the Hawk (American, by Lewis R. Foster with John Payne, Rhonda Fleming and Thomas Gomez)

  •  1951

Monsieur Fabre (French, by Henri Diamant-Berger with Pierre Fresnay and Pierre Bertin in the role of Napoleon III)

  •  1952

Camicie rosse / Red shirts (Italian, by Goffredo Alessandrini and Francesco Rosi with Anna Magnani and Raf Vallone)

  •  1953

Violettes impériales / Imperial violets (French, by Richard Pottier with Luis Mariano, Carmen Sevilla, Simone Valère in the role of the Empress Eugénie and Louis Arbessier as Napoleon III)


The charge of the lancers (American, by William Castle with Paulette Godard, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Lester Matthews)

  •  1954

Nana (French, by Christian-Jaque with Marine Carol and Jean Debucourt in the role of Napoleon III)


Senso (Italian, by Luchino Visconti with Alida Valli)


Vera Cruz (American, by Robert Aldrich with Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster)


La Castiglione (French, by Georges Combret with Yvonne de Carlo and Paul Meurisse in the role of Napoleon III)

  •  1955

Si Paris m'était conté... (French, by Sacha Guitry with Renée Saint-Cyr in the role of the Empress Eugénie)

  •  1957

C'est arrivé à 36 chandelles (French, by Henri Diamant-Berger with Andrex in the role of Napoleon III)

  •  1960

Viva l'Italia (Italian, by Roberto Rossellini with Renzo Ricci as Garibaldi)

Filmography taken from the Dictionnaire Napoléon (1999) "Napoléon au cinéma" Philippe d'Hugues pp. 441-43.



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