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Interviews with the historians, curators, collectors and enthusiasts of the Napoleonic world today. We frequently highlight interviews here. Click on a title to read an interview. You can select another interview via the scrollbar menu.

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Pierre Branda:"On Elba, Napoleon once again took charge of his own destiny" (April 2014)

In his new book, historian Pierre Branda, Fondation Napoléon Manager of Capital, Collection and Real Estate, recounts how the reign of Napoleon on the island of Elba was riskier than first thought. After the brutal abdication, he reassumed mastery of his own destiny, firstly placing himself under the protection of his ‘best' of enemies, the United Kingdom, and then by reconstituting his environment. Threatened by the secret war waged against him by the allies, Napoleon performed his masterstroke by organising the return to France in 1815. The Eagle had landed once again... (Interview by Laurent Ottavi, April 2014)


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