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Magazine and News is a place where, every day, we bring you not only what’s going on in the Napoleonic world and interviews with those leading Napoleonic history today, but we also offer you Napoleonic pastimes, entertainments, and even recipes. Enjoy!

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Interviews with the historians, curators, collectors and enthusiasts of the Napoleonic world today. We frequently highlight interviews here. Click on a title to read an interview. You can select another interview via the scrollbar menu.

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HERVÉ DUMONT: “NAPOLEON THE SAGA IN 1,000 FILMS” (Napoléon, L'épopée en 1000 films)

Hervé Dumont is not only the former director of the Lausanne film directory and a cinema historian often awarded for his works, he is also the author of the monumental Napoléon, L'épopée en 1000 films [Napoleon; the saga in a thousand films] (Editions Ides & Calendes, Cinémathèque suisse), which won the 2015 Fondation Napoléon Jury Prize. In this interview, Dumont shares his passion for cinema and history, as well as the history in cinema, and gives an in-depth analysis of international audio-visual Napoleonic productions. (Interview with I. Delage, September 2015).


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