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Magazine and News is a place where, every day, we bring you not only what’s going on in the Napoleonic world and interviews with those leading Napoleonic history today, but we also offer you Napoleonic pastimes, entertainments, and even recipes. Enjoy!

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Interviews with the historians, curators, collectors and enthusiasts of the Napoleonic world today. We frequently highlight interviews here. Click on a title to read an interview. You can select another interview via the scrollbar menu.

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Thierry Lentz: Exhibition “Napoleon on St Helena: His fight for his Story” an exceptional opportunity to see objects that have not been seen together since 1821

The exhibition “Napoleon on St Helena: His fight for his Story” which will take place at the Musée de l'Armée (Army Museum) in Paris from 6 April to 24 July 2016, promises to be exceptional in more ways than one. The Napoleon Foundation has played a part in this project: as a member of the Historical Committee (via Pierre Branda); then as patron, and also lender. This event is an extension of the "Save Napoleon's House on St Helena” appeal, in no indirect way either. Indeed it completes that operation and, dare we say it, crowns it. Thierry Lentz tells us more about the why and the how of the exhibition, from the perspective of the Fondation Napoléon of which he is the Director.   (Interview with Irène Delage in February 2016)

Thierry Lentz © R. Young


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