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Parks and gardens: Parisian strolls of the Second Empire


Here are a few books we recommend on Parisian gardens:

ALPHAND Adolphe, Les promenades de Paris, 2 volumes. Paris: Rothschild, 1867-1873; reprint Princeton Architectural Press, 1984.
This volume bears witness to the crucial role played by the outstanding engineer Alphand in creating urban park projects. Illustrated with numerous period drafts, engravings, drawings of park furniture, etc.
ALPHAND, ERNOUF, l'art des Jardins, Paris: 1868.
A fascinating essay revealing the ideas about, and methods used in, gardens of the mid-XIXth century.
BAROZZI Jacques, Guide des 400 jardins de Paris: Hachette, 1982.
A must! The most comprehensive and practical guide for anyone interested in uncovering all of Paris' natural treasures.
CABAUD Michel, Paris et les Parisiens sous le Second Empire, Pierre Belfond, 1982.
A wonderful panorama of Parisian life with period photographs showing the parks and gardens featured in our itinerary at the time they were planted. Fascinating.
CHOAY Françoise, "Haussmann et le système des espaces verts parisiens", Revue de l'Art, (no. 29, 1975, pp. 83-99).
An article analyzing Baron Haussmann's exact role in the design and realization of the Second Empire's gardens.
Paris-Haussmann "le pari d'Haussmann", Paris: Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Picard, 1991.
An wonderful volume which looks at parks and gardens of the Second Empire in the context of the period's overall urban planning strategies.
Parcs et promenades de Paris, Paris: Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 1989.
An exhibition catalogue presenting an excellent study of the topic enhanced by interesting illustrations.
DUBOIS Philippe J. and Guilhem Lesaffre. Guide de la nature à Paris et en banlieue, Paris: Parigramme, 1994.
Few illustrations other than a several black and white drawings, but a practical little guide, nonetheless, for exploring today's flora and fauna.
MALET Henri, Le baron Haussmann et la rénovation de Paris, Paris: Les Editions municipales, 1973.
MANEGLIER Hervé, Paris Impérial. La vie quotidienne sous le second Empire, Armand Colin, 1990.
Discover the entertainments and activities in the gardens of the Second Empire.
Several beautiful volumes noteworthy for their photographic reproductions.
QUEFFELEC Henri, Paris des jardins, Photographs by Hervé Boulé, Editions ouest France, 1988.
Jardins de Paris, Texts by J.J. Lévêque, Hachette, 1982.
JOUDIOU G. and P. Wittmer, Cent jardins à Paris et en Ile de France, Délégation à l'action artistique de la ville de Paris, 1992.
LE DANTEC Denise and J.P. , Splendeur des jardins de Paris, Photographs by C. Baker, Flammarion, 1991. 



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