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Jena-Auerstedt 14 October, 1806


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Erfurt and Weimar 

History: Books

David G. Chandler, Jena 1806: Napoleon Destroys Prussia, London: Osprey, 1993 J. Gallagher, The Iron Marshall, Carbondale and Evansville: Southern Illinois University Press, , 1976
F. G. Hourtoulle, Iena: Battle of Jena, 1806, Paris: Histoire & Collections, France, 1998
F. N. Maude, The Jena Campaign 1806, London: Greenhill Books, 1998 (1909)
The Memoirs of Baron von Muffling: A Prussian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars, London: Greenhill Books, 1997
F. Lorraine Petre, Napoleon's conquest of Prussia, London: Greenhill Books, 1993 (1907)

History: Articles

Col. Stephen L. Bowman, "Using Napoleonic staff rides to educate the modeern military officer : Jena / Auerstadt", in Consortium on Revolutionary Europe 1750-1850 (University of Florida) Proceedings 1996; Editors: Charles Crouch, Kyle O. Eidahl, Donald D. Horward. Florida: Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, Florida State University, 1996, pp. 269-74, + maps



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