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Interview : Alexander Mikaberidze on Russian Voices of the Napoleonic Wars
Quiz : The major reforms of the Consulate and the Empire (August 2010)
Sites, musées et monuments : Musée des Lettres et Manuscrits (Brussels)
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New York



Eating at home
Balducchi's, 6th avenue and 9th Street (1) (212) 673 2600
One of the best places in Manhattan for buying things to cook at home and ready-made meals.

Bouley Bakery, 161 Duane Street (1) (212) 964 2525
Internationally renowned chef, David Bouley, closed his restaurant last year to the great regret of many. He is now back in Manhattan with a plan to open a vast culinary complex comprising a restaurant, a cookery school and this bakery which sells products from all over the world.
Eating out
Acapella, 1 Hudson Street (1) (212) 240 0163
Excellent Italian restaurant in the heart of Manhattan.

Baluchi's, 193 Spring Street between Thompson and Sully (1) (212) 759 8000
Indian cuisine at moderate prices; modern and cool decoration. In Soho.

Bolo, 23 East 22nd near to Madison Avenue
Excellent and refined, Spanish-inspired cuisine.

Le Colonial, 149 East 57th between Lexington and Madison Avenue (1) (212) 752 0808
Asian cuisine in a fabulous décor. Nice bar, reasonable prices.

Fraunces Tavern, Pearl and Broad Street (1) (212) 425 1778
Better known as the place where General Washington bade his last farewells to his troops, this historic 'monument' also serves good, traditional American food.

Peter Luger Steak House, 178 Broadway in Brooklyn (1) (718) 935 4511
Traditional steakhouse. Special attention is given to the quality of the meat and to the size of the portions.

Mitsukoshi, 465 Park avenue, 57th Street (1) (212) 935 6444
Excellent Japanese restaurant, even if the heavy power-lunch atmosphere is a bit much at times!

Le Salon, 995 Fifth Avenue, 81st Street (1) (212) 255 58000
Enjoy a meal on the terrace opposite the Metropolitan or take tea in the indoor garden of the Stanhope Hotel.

Ye waverly Inn, 16 Bank Street near to Greenwich Avenue (1) (212) 929 4377
A historical site, traditional but refined American cuisine; magnificent open fires. For dinner or Sunday brunch.


Luxury hotels
The Pierre, Fifth Avenue, 61st Street (1) (212) 759 3000.

The Plaza, Fifth Avenue, 59th Street (1) (212) 838 8000.

The Stanhope, 995 Fifth Avenue (1) (212) 288 5800.

The Waldorf-Astoria, Waldorf Towers, Park Avenue, 50th Street (1) (212) 355 3000.

Moderately-priced hotels and cheap lodgings
Bed of Roses, Bed and Breakfast, 800 5th Avenue (1) (212) 421 7604.

Sheraton, Holiday Inn (Chains offering better than basic service):
- Sheraton Centre New York, Sheraton Towers, 811 7th Avenue (1) (212) 581 1000/325 3535
- Holiday Inn-57 Street, 440 West 57th Street (1) (212) 581 8100/231 0401.

The Park Central Hotel, 870 7th avenue, 45th Street (1) (212) 838 800



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