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Interview : Alexander Mikaberidze on Russian Voices of the Napoleonic Wars
Fashion : Women's underwear during the First Empire
Littérature et poésie : "The geographical plan of the Island & Forts of Ste Helena"
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The Authors of Napoleon



This Napoleonic itinerary was partly based on larger itinerary by the Ile­de­France and Haute­Normandie regions designed to take literature lovers on a tour of the houses of famous French authors. What follows completes the original itinerary.
The House of Mallarmé at Vulaines­sur­Seine, Seine et Marne
The House of Elsa Triolet and Louis Aragon at Saint­Arnoult­en­Yvelines
The Datcha of Ivan Tourgeniev at Bougival, Hauts­de­Seine
The House of Alexandre Dumas ­ Château Monte Cristo at Port­Marly, Yvelines
The House of Maurice Maeterlinck ­ Château Médan, Yvelines
The Pierre Corneille Museum at Petit­Couronne, Seine­Maritime
The House of Jean de la Varende ­ Château Chamblac, Eure.

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