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Magazine and News is a place where, every day, we bring you not only what’s going on in the Napoleonic world and interviews with those leading Napoleonic history today, but we also offer you Napoleonic pastimes, entertainments, and even recipes. Enjoy!

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Take some time out to follow a Napoleonic trail. And there's something for everyone in these itineraries, whether beginner or hardbitten 'grognard'.

Mini-Itineraries: - The Boulogne Camp


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Jena-Auerstedt 14 October, 1806

Napoleon and Davout, «the World's Soul» and the «Iron Marshal», came together on 14 October, 1806, for the crushing double-battle victory Jena-Auerstedt which annihilated the Prussian army.

New York

A long way off the usual trail, prospect for Napoleonic gold amongst the museums and monuments of New York. A pioneer itinerary, and a re-discovery of the Big Apple.

Parks and gardens: Parisian strolls of the Second Empire

Napoleon III set in motion an extraordinary programme for green spaces in Paris. Discover it step by step following our itinerary as it takes you from unassuming small local squares to the capital's most opulent parks.

The Authors of Napoleon

Chateaubriand, Balzac, Zola, Michelet, Hugo, and many others, all contributed to the Napoleonic legend.
Discover their homes!

Rueil Malmaison

An invitation to visit Bonaparte, the First Consul, and his
lady wife Josephine at their beautiful home in Rueil-Malmaison.

Napoleon and Corsica

From Ajaccio to Longwood, Napoleon's destiny was marked by islands. Set sail with us to the place where it all began, Corsica, Napoleon's native land, where the legend was born.


From one empire to the other, the château and forest of Compiègne were the backdrop for the most remarkable pomp and ceremony. Napoleon I and Marie-Louise, Napoleon III and Eugénie, two imperial couples, one imperial palace.


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