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Musique et parole : An introduction to First Empire music
Press review : Silent London: "How to beat the Napoléon blues" (article on Abel Gance's Napoléon)
Bon appetit! : Turkey in the form of a turtle
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Napoleon and Corsica



Office de Tourisme Ajaccio
3 boulevard du Roi Jérôme
BP 21 - 20181 Ajaccio Cedex 01
Tel. 04 95 51 53 03 / Fax 04 95 51 53 01
The Tourist Office offers visitors excellently produced brochures on the history of the town. Guided tours directed by local guides are also available. The themes are as follows: The saga of the Bonapartes; Ajaccio during Genoese rule; Architectural tour - from medieval to Imperial city.
You can also try the official website for Corsican tourism for the most up to date information:

Tourist visits to the city
Le petit Train
Place Foch
Tel. 04 95 23 38 78 / 04 95 51 13 69
There are two tours: the imperial city (45 mins) and the bloody islands (1h30).
There are also other celebrations in Ajaccio every year for the anniversaries of the birth (15 August) and the death (5 May) of Napoleon, as well for the commemoration of the sacre coronation ceremony and the Battle of Autserlitz (2 December).


Corte Tourist Office
La Citadelle
20250 Corte
Tel. 04 95 46 26 70 


Musée du Capitellu
18 boulevard Danielle Casanova
20 000 Ajaccio
Tel. 04 95 21 50 57
Open every day from 10am to 12pm and from 2 to 6pm, from 15th March to 15th October.
Closed Sunday afternoons.
Musée d'Histoire A Bandera
1 rue du Général Lévie
20000 Ajaccio
Tel. 04 95 51 07 34
1 July to 15 September: open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 7pm; Sundays 10am to 1pm.
15 September to 30 June: open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm; closed Sundays.
Musée National de la Maison Bonaparte
1 rue Saint-Charles
20000 Ajaccio
Tel. 04 95 21 43 89
Open every day except Mondays, 25 December and 1 January.
1 October to 31 March: 10am to 112pm, 2pm to 4.45pm.
1 April to 30 September: 10.30am to 12..30pm, 1.15pm to 6pm.

Ajaccio Cathedral
Rue Forcioli-Conti
20000 Ajaccio
Tel. 04 95 21 07 67
Open daily.
Musée Fesch - Impérial Chapel
50-52 rue cardinal Fesch
20000 Ajaccio
Tel. 04 95 26 26 26
Closed Tuesdays and public holidays. Opening hours vary according to season, but are available online: 
Salon napoléonien de l'Hôtel de Ville
Avenue Antoine Serafini
20000 Ajaccio
Tel. 04 95 51.52.53
Closed Monday mornings, Sundays and public holidays.
15 June to 15 September: 9am to 11.45am, 2pm to 5.45pm.
16 September to 14 June: 9am to 11.45am, 2pm to 4.45pm.
Corsica Museum
Musée régional d'Anthropologie
La Citadelle
20250 Corte
Tel. 04 95 45 25 45
Annual closure 31 December to 14 January, inclusive. For opening days and hours visit the website:
Musée départemental Pascal Paoli
Hameau de Stretta
20018 Morosaglia
Tel. 04 95 61 04 97
Open in summer from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm; from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm in winter.


Corsican Regional National Park
2, rue Major Lambroschini
BP 417
20184 Ajaccio Cédex
Tel. 04 95 51 79 10
Minitel 3615 code CIME
National Forestry Office
Centre administratif - Nouveau port
20407 Bastia cedex
Tel. 04 95 32 81 90


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