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Each month we present an important recent book, and every week we report on recent publications.
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Works highlighted as This month’s book in 2014 

ADKIN Mark, The Waterloo Companion: The Complete Guide to History's Most Famous Land Battle

BERKIN Carol, Wondrous Beauty: The Life and Adventures of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte


BROERS Michael, Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny, volume I

DELAGE Irène, Atlas de Paris au temps de Napoléon

LENTZ Thierry, Les vingt jours de Fontainebleau. La première abdication de Napoléon 31 mars-20 avril 1814

MIKABERIDZE Alexander, The Burning of Moscow, Napoleon's Trial by Fire 1812

PRÉVOT Chantal, Atlas de Paris au temps de Napoléon

SCHNEID Frederick S., The French-Piedmontese Campaign of 1859

Other books of the year

BOUDON Jacques-Olivier, Napoléon et la campagne de France 1814

BRANDA Pierre, Les secrets de Napoléon

CLAUDI Alvaro, A tavola con l'imperatore. 77 ricette napoleoniche da provare e gustare.

CLAYTON Tim, Waterloo: Four Days that Changed Europe's Destiny

CLERENS Josee, Buying Louisiana: An Eyewitness's Account of the Louisiana Purchase

CRONIN Gerald, Spanish Infantry of the Early Peninsular War: Uniforms, Organisation and Equipment of the Line and Militia

CUCCIA Phillip R. , Napoleon in Italy: The Sieges of Mantua, 1796–1799

DENNISON Matthew, Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions

DIETRICH William, The Three Emperors: An Ethan Gage Adventure

FOSTER Russ E., Wellington and Waterloo: The Duke, The Battle and Posterity 1815-2015

HUNT Tristram, Ten Cities that Made an Empire

JOSPIN Lionel, Le mal napoléonien (Essay, in French)

KERSHAW Robert, 24 Hours at Waterloo: 18 June 1815

KRAAK Menno-Jan, Mapping Time: Illustrated by Minard's Map of Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812

KUIPERS Pier, Let's Trail Napoleon's Hundred Days

LEEPSON Marc, What So Proudly We Hailed: Francis Scott Key, A Life

LENTZ Thierry, 1815: Der Wiener Kongress und die Neugründung Europas

LIPSCOMBE Nick, Waterloo: The Decisive Victory

LUCAS Michael , Archaeology of the War of 1812

MUILWIJK Erwin, Standing Firm at Waterloo

PELLEGRINO SUTCLIFFE Marcella , Victorian Radicals and Italian Democrats

PRICE Munro, Napoleon: The End of Glory

ROBERTS Jerry , The British Raid on Essex: The Forgotten Battle of the War of 1812

SCHABLITSKY Julie M., Archaeology of the War of 1812

SCICLUNA Joe, By Order of Napoleon: The Taking of Malta

SELIN Shannon, Napoleon in America (a novel)

SIEVERS Frank (translator), 1815: Der Wiener Kongress und die Neugründung Europas

SMITH Digby, Napoleon's German Division in Spain

SMITH Mark, The History of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment

SUMMERFIELD Stephen, Spanish Infantry of the Early Peninsular War: Uniforms, Organisation and Equipment of the Line and Militia

SUMMERFIELD Stephen, Leib-Garde Cossacks of the Napoleonic Wars

U.S. ARMY COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE , The Duke of Wellington and the Supply System During the Peninsula War

VAN LAERHOVEN Bob, Baudelaire's Revenge: A Novel

WATSON Robert P., America's First Crisis - The War of 1812

WILSON A. N. , Victoria: A Life

WRIGHT William, Warriors of the Queen: Fighting Generals of the Victorian Age


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