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NAPOLEON I , MADEC Gabriel (ed.), Correspondance générale de Napoléon Bonaparte : Tome 8, 1808 - Expansions méridionales et résistances (in French)

Volume 8, the Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte: "1808 Guerre d'Espagne et du Portugal" <i>© Fayard</i>

Volume 8, the Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte: "1808 Guerre d'Espagne et du Portugal" © Fayard

Volume eight of The General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte covers the year 1808 and the following January, 1809. Forming what could be described as the empire's turning point, 1808 lurches from apogee - territorial expansion and the meeting at Erfurt - to decline - the war in Spain, the Continental Blockade's limited application, intensifying Austrian hostility, and the pressing issue of succession. 1808 marks the point of no return and the beginning of a headlong charge towards Cadix and Moscow. From hereon in, the success of the regime would depend on the success of these campaigns. The imperial troops' lack of preparation for the asymmetric nature of the war that awaited them in Spain did not bode well...
Twenty-five percent of the letters published in this volume did not appear in the Second Empire edition.
The Fondation Napoléon is supported in this unprecedented adventure of historic proportions by the Archives de France, the Fondation La Poste and more than one hundred project volunteers.
- Preface, by General Gilles Robert, head of department at the Service Historique de l'Armée de Terre
- Introduction, by Gabriel Madec
- Correspondence: 3,019 annotated letters
- List of letters in private collections: contents unknown

- Studies
-- The imperial archives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, by I. Richefort
-- The correspondence of Joseph Bonaparte: 1808-1809, by V. Haegele

- Annexes
-- Two "mysteries" of Napoleon's correspondence, by T. Lentz
-- The Bayonne treaty with Charles IV, by M. Kerautret
-- Treaty between Napoleon and Ferdinand, by M. Kerautret
-- Treaty between Napoleon and Joseph, by M. Kerautret
-- The Baylen surrender, by M. Kerautret
-- The Spanish House of Bourbon
-- The House of Bourbon - Two Sicilies
-- The House of Bourbon-Parma
-- Detailed timeline (January 1808 - January 1809), by I. Delage
-- Table of measures and currencies
-- Maps:
---- Plans of the Château de Marracq
---- The Iberian peninsula in 1808
---- The invasion of Spain and Portugal, 1807 - May 1808
---- The Spanish campaign, June - August 1808
---- Germany and the Confederation of the Rhine 1807 - 1808

To celebrate the release of volume eight, has published a number of translated documents:
- Gabriel Madec's introduction
- A letter from Napoleon to Murat, with commentary from Gabriel Madec
- A project update from François Houdecek, project manager for the publication of the General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte

Place and publisher: Paris: Fayard/Fondation Napoléon

Date of publication: 2011

Number of pages: 1700

This week’s book(s):

From the publishers:
"... Here, Cronin and Summerfield put their talents together to produce the finest ever study of early Napoleonic Spanish uniforms... There are over 400 colour drawings including over 104 contemporary illustrations from Ordovas (1805 and 1806), Christopher Suhr, Augsburger and Bradford plus 138 uniform schematics based on Jose Bueno & Lienhart & Humbert; 52 flags and shields are depicted; there is one map, 12 orders of battle and 13 tables. This allows the authors to explore in depth the Spanish Infantry of the period 1798-1811, of La Romana's famous division in Denmark and the troops committed to support the French Invasion of Portugal, which of course resulted in the disastrous collapse of the nation to French forces, but not before the old Spanish Regular Army had fought with distinction particularly at Bailen. This is the one and only book you will need on one of the most exotically dressed armies of the Napoleonic period..."

Place and publisher: Oxford

Date of publication: 2014

Number of pages: 176

From the publishers:
"...This second volume (Volume II: The Germans in Catalonia 1808-1813) of the woes of the Germans in Spain concentrates on those unfortunate enough to have been thrown into the mincing machine of Catalonia and, in particular, the worst-managed operations of the entire peninsular war: the French sieges of Girona. This city was to become the grave of almost the entire German contingent and many others besides. Extracts from the diaries of participants in this grim fiasco give a totally chilling glimpse into the horrors of siege warfare. In contrast, reports of the operations of Spanish regiments, who acted together with Royal Naval support of the eastern coast of Spain open a window onto the world of highly mobile raids into the French lines of communication there, which helped tie down many thousands of French troops, who should have been conquering the remaining free areas of southern and eastern Spain. Includes 11 colour plates by Bob Marrion of uniforms, based on Ludwig Scharf's interpretations from on-the-spot sketches..."  

Place and publisher: Oxford

Date of publication: 2014

Number of pages: 288

From the publishers:
"...This volume is the beginning of a brand new series devoted to specific units... with 38 colour uniform schema and 50 contemporary colour prints including the superb Opitz plates showing the uniforms of the Cossacks during the occupation of Paris. Here is every piece of information a model soldier painter could desire on the uniforms, flags & equipment, all checked out with the accuracy of Russian source material. More than that, the brief campaign history contains valuable new information based on Russian regimental histories which alters our understanding of the role played by the Guard Cossacks in major engagements..."

Place and publisher: Oxford

Date of publication: 2014

Number of pages: 132

From the publishers:
"...All but forgotten by Americans, the War of 1812 (1812–1815) was a dramatic watershed for the young, groundbreaking United States Republic. Ill-prepared to fight the powerful English nation, the U.S. struggled through three years of conflict but emerged more unified with new patriotic symbols like the "Star-Spangled Banner." Much of the fighting occurred in the Chesapeake region and this new book, In Full Glory Reflected, uncovers its gripping stories of devastating raids, heroic defense, gallant privateers, fugitive slaves, and threatened lands. The historic tales unfold with a lively narrative, well over a hundred vivid illustrations, and clear maps to follow the action. In addition, a travel section provides a rich guide for adventurers who want to step back 200 years and explore the tidewater world where the war was fought. In Full Glory Reflected is an enchanting invitation to travel the Star- Spangled Banner National Historic Trail and discover the amazing world of our ancestors..."

Place and publisher: Baltimore: The Maryland Historical Society

Date of publication: 2012

Number of pages: 256

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