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"The Wars of Napoleon: Louis François Lejeune, general and painter"  [14/02/2012 - 13/05/2012]

Between 14 February and 13 May 2012, the Château de Versailles is hosting a new exhibition: "Les Guerres de Napoléon. Louis François Lejeune, général et peintre dans les salles d'Afrique et de Crimée".
Louis François Lejeune (1775-1848), soldier, spy, painter, and diplomat in his own time, is a unique character in the history of the Napoleonic period. As an officer, he participated in the key wars of the Revolution and Empire before rising to the rank of général de brigade. This was not enough for him, however: as well as fighting on the frontline, he also painted scenes from the main battles that were waged, producing about a dozen paintings. He also left detailed memoirs recounting his experiences during the Napoleonic campaigns.
The exhibition focuses on the life of this fascinating and colourful individual and features not only his drawings and paintings - presented in the artistic context of his own period - but also his own recollections of his military career and his life as a civilian during the empire, the Restoration period and the July Monarchy.
Further information on the exhibition, including slideshows of the featured work, can be found on the Château de Versailles website (external link).
14 February - 13 May 2012
Château de Versailles
Place d'Armes
78000 Versailles
Opening times:
Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 5.30pm (14 February - 31 March)
Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 6.30pm (1 April - 13 May)
(Closed Monday)
Opening times are provided purely for reference. The Fondation Napoléon offers no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information. Consultation with the institution before visiting is recommended.


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