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Napoleon and the Art of Propaganda  [13/09/2012 - 29/01/2013]

"Napoléon and the Art of Propaganda" is a visual chronology of more than 120 drawings, prints, paintings, works of sculpture, manuscripts, medals, and objets d'art from the remarkable private Parisian collection of Pierre-Jean Chalençon. This exhibition considers the full range of official art created under Napoléon I and emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of the period.  Some of the most important artists, architects, and sculptors are included, such as Jacques-Louis David, Andrea Appiani, Anne-Louis Girodet, François Gérard, Charles Percier, and Pierre-François-Léonard Fontaine. The selected works display the visual power of the Napoléonic propaganda “machine” and its scope of influence both politically and artistically; illustrate how Napoléon, his ministers, and artists fabricated and produced an imperial iconography; and provide the viewer with an understanding through the use of images of the legend or myth of Napoléon that persisted after his death in exile.
Where: The Pentacrest Museums Gallery for Arts, Humanities & Sciences in the Old Capitol Museum, Iowa City (USA)
When: Tuesday- Sunday, 10am - 5pm (8pm Thursdays).

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