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Special Dossier: The Creation of the Confederation of the Rhine, 12 July, 1806, on the website  [22/06/2006 - 22/06/2007]

After having sketched out his ideas regarding France and German lands in a letter to Talleyrand (Minister of Foreign Affairs) dated October 1805, Napoleon went further in the spring of 1806, creating a confederation of small western German states grouped around the three "principal" allies, Bavaria, Wurtemberg and Baden. This (essentially defensive) bastion was later to serve as a springboard for offensive manoeuvres against Prussia, Austria and also Russia.
- Treaty creating the Confederation of the Rhine (Paris, 12 July, 1806) in French
- Treaty creating the Confederation of the Rhine (Paris, 12 July, 1806) in German (on the German web site Verfassungen der Welt)
- Treaty creating the Confederation of the Rhine (Paris, 12 July, 1806) in English

- The Confederation of the Rhine, by Peter Hicks

- Map of Europe in 1806
- From the Holy Roman Empire to the Germanic Confederation
Biographies of the key players
- Karl Friedrich von Baden-Durlach (1728-1811), Grand Duke of Baden
- Jerome Bonaparte (1784–1860), king of Westphalia
- Princess Catherine of Wurtemberg, (1783-1835), second wife of Jerome.
- C. Th. von Dalberg (1744-1817), Prince primat of the Confederation of the Rhine
- Francis II (1768-1835), emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Emperor of Austria
- Graf von Haugwitz (1752–1832), Prussian minister of foreign affairs
- King Maximilian I of Bavaria (1756 –1825)
- Count von Montgelas (1759-1838), Bavarian minister
- Frederick I of Württemberg (1754 - 1816), Elector
In pictures
- Meeting between Napoleon and Baron Karl von Dalberg at Aschaffenburg, 2 October, 1806
- Page of the treaty, on the site of the French ministry of Foreign Affairs
- The Confederation of the Rhine (1806-1815)
What's on
- Adel im Wandel (Changing nobility)   Exhibition in the Prinzenbau and Landeshaus Sigmaringen, Germany
- Bayerns Krone 1806 (Bavaria's crown, 1806)   Exhibition in what used to be the king's residence in Munich, Germany
- Napoleon and Nassau   Exhibition in the Wiesbaden Casino-Gesellschaft, Germany
- Das Königreich Württemberg 1806–1918. Monarchie und Moderne (The kingdom of Württemberg 1806–1918. Monarchy and modernity)   In the old castle, Stuttgart, Germany
- 200 Jahre Großherzogtum Baden (200 years of the Grand Duchy of Baden)   Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Germany
- The price of the new crown: Baden and Wurttemberg as Napoleon's vassal – the Confederation of the Rhine 1806   Wehrgeschichtliches Museum Rastatt, Germany

English, French

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