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The price of the new crown: Baden and Wurttemberg as Napoleon's vassal – the Confederation of the Rhine 1806  Wehrgeschichtliches Museum Rastatt
  [20/05/2006 - 29/10/2006]

July, 2006 marks the anniversary of the Confederation of the Rhine alliance . The Military-historical museum in Rastatt had prepared an exhibition devoted the French revolution and the rise of Napoleon and Württemberg. The years 1794-1815 are extremely important for southWest Germany today. The rulers of Wurttemberg and Baden became king and Grand Duke. They state grew both in terms of territory and population. They became modern states with their own political and cultural identity, itself closely linked  to today's federal state, Baden-Wurttemberg. The exhibit moves the "price" in the consciousness which „ the new crowns “ and the "modernization" have cost. The determining factor was the military support of France.
On show are exceedingly rare original weapons and uniforms, models and paintings related to the southwest-German military history of the period. Also included a loans from other collections, giving detailed view the military and the war years around 1806.
Opening times:
Tuesday to Sunday, from 9-30am to 5pm
Wehrgeschichtlichen Museum Rastatt im Schloss Rastatt
Herrenstraße 18
76437 Rastatt


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