Funding and shares portfolio

In a letter of 1855, Ferdinand de Lesseps set out his aims for the planned public funding. He confirmed his intention of giving preference to small shareholders

In October 1858, an appeal for public funding was officially launched through the channels of the press.

The subcription closed on 30 November 1858. The response exceeded everyone's expectations.

Applications for large shareholdings were few; only 48 buyers purchased more than 200 shares (i.e. 100,000 Francs or more). A controversy arose surrounding applicants for small amounts of shares.

The most enthusiastic support came from the shareholders themselves, as illustrated by this letter published in the periodical founded specially for them in 1856 by Ferdinand de Lesseps, The Suez Isthmus, Journal de l'union des deux mers

The share price over the period 1858 ­ 1929 ­ the ups and downs.