File on the British opposition

    n June 1855, Ferdinand de Lesseps meets British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and the British Prime Minister became Suez Canal’s bitterest opponent.

    Although, echoing these press articles, the majority of British public opinion appeared favourable towards the opening of the canal, the policy laid down by Palmerston was that followed officially until his death in 1865. Three articles from The Times are given below, the first and second dating from 1859, the year in which certain English newspapers exhibited extreme virulence on the subject of the project, following the foundation of the Universal Company of the Suez Maritime Canal at the end of 1858 and the beginning of work in April 1859, and the third dates from 1862 on the occasion of the joining of the waters of the Mediterranean with those of Lake Timsah. All illustrate the persistance of the attacks directed at de Lesseps's project and French ambitions in Egypt.

    rticle in the Times, published 26 May 1859

    rticle in the Times, published 25 July 1859

    rticle in the Times, published 29 November 1862