Call for subscription


      guaranteed by the Property of the Suez Ship Canal and all its Equipment,
      BY THE GENERAL REVENUE OF THE COMPANY, by the value and income of the Company's land


    The Universal Company of the Suez Ship Canal was founded in 1858 with a share capital of two hundred million francs.

    It has acquired, during the work, as a result of sales of land located along the freshwater canal, of compensation and of the deployment of capital, the sum of one hundred million which it allocated to the cost of creating and appropriating the land developed or to be developed along the ship canal, these representing, in the immediate future, a considerable capital gain.

    The loaned sum of one hundred million francs, was deemed necessary to complete the canal, and hand over to shipping, on 1 October 1869, a passage whose annual turnover is estimated at sixty million francs.


    In execution of the decision taken 1 August 1867 by the General Assembly of Shareholders, a public subscription for the investment of 333,333 shares created by the Universal Company of the Suez Ship Canal is opened under the following terms:

    These shares are in bond form and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

    These are issued at 300 FRANCS, payable on 1 October 1867.

    They shall accrue annual interest of 25 FRANCS, payable by half-year period, on 1 April and 1 October of each year, without duty or deduction.

    They shall be redeemable at 500 francs over 50 years by QUARTERLY draw.

    The first draw shall take place on 15 September 1868, and the redemption of the issued shares shall be effected on 1 October following, and so on, EVERY THREE MONTHS.

    The price of each share, set at 300 francs, is payable in the following manner:

    25 francs at the subscription.
    25 francs at the allocation.
    75 francs from 5 to 15 November 1867.
    50 francs from 1 to 10 January 1868.
    50 francs from 1 to 10 April 1868, with the deduction of the coupon of 12.50 francs.
    75 francs from 1 to 10 July 1868.

    TOTAL. 300 francs. – It is therefore an INVESTMENT which, by reason of the payment dates, provides 8.59 0/0, not including the profit on the amortisation.

    Beginning with the payment of November, the Company shall exchange the nominal receipts for provisional bearer-form stock; and, following complete payment, the provisional stock shall be exchanged for permanent bearer-form stock nominal deposit certificates.

    Beginning with the said payment of November, bearers shall have the faculty to contract, in anticipation, out of all periods of payment not matured. In this case, they shall be refunded interest of 60/0 per year.

    Failure to meet the payment dates on the agreed deadlines shall result in the subscribers in arrears being liable for interest of 90/0 of the outstanding amounts.

    In accordance with the wish of the General Assembly, the subscription of each subscriber shall not be reduced provided he does not exceed the number of shares which he holds. The surplus of his subscription shall be subject, where necessary, to the same reduction conditions as those of other subscribers.


from Thursday 26 to Monday 30 September inclusive, and on Sunday, from 10 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon:

In Paris, at the Universal Company of the Suez Ship Canal, Square Clary, n° 9

(boulevard Haussmann and rue Saint-Nicolas-d’Antin, n° 33);

In Alexandria, at the High Office of the Universal Company of the Suez Ship Canal;

In the departments from the correspondents of the Company;

From Messrs Notary;

Overseas, from the Correspondents of the Company.

Payments shall also be received, to the credit of the Universal Company of the Suez Ship Canal:

In Paris at the Crédit foncier de France,
at the Crédit agricole, rue Neuve-des-Capucines, n° 19;
at the Société générale de Crédit industriel et commercial, rue de la Victoire, n° 72.

And in the departments at the branches of the Banque de France for amounts of 100 francs and more.

Subscription may also be conducted by correspondence.

Letters of subscription must be sent to the headquarters of the Company, in Paris, complete with the amount of the first payment.

Paris, 14 September 1867.
The Chairman,