Campaign Memoirs of the Artilleryman – Part 1: 1812 (Russian Voices of the Napoleonic Wars)

Author(s) : MIKABERIDZE Alexander, RADOZHITSKII Ilya
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© Alexander Mikaberidze

From the publishers:
Russia played a decisive role in the Napoleonic Wars and their success in the struggle against Napoleonic France allowed Russian leaders to influence the course of European history. Yet Russian voices are oftentimes absent from the pages of historical accounts since a combination of political and ideological rivalries, linguistic difficulties and administrative hurdles created a substantial dearth of English translations of Russian narratives of the Napoleonic Wars. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Napoleonic Wars, the “Russian Voices of the Napoleonic Wars” series will gradually present previously unknown or unavailable Russian primary sources.
The second release in the “Russian Voices” series, Alexander Mikaberidze's translation of Ilya Radozhitskii's campaign memoirs recounts the soldier's experiences of the 1812 war and include an eyewitness account of the Grande Armée's catastrophic winter retreat from Moscow.
Six volumes are planned for release over the coming months. These memoirs are translated and edited by Alexander Mikaberidze, assistant professor of European history at Louisiana State University. He recently spoke to about his new project in an interview that can be read here.
The books can be purchased via (external link). 
Volume I – Diaries of the 1812-1814 campaigns, by Pavel Pushin
Volume II – Campaign Memoirs of the Artilleryman – Part 1: 1812, by Ilya Radozhitskii
Volume III – Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars, by Alexey Yermolov
Volume IV – Russian Prisoner of War Among the French, by Moritz von Kotzebue

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Tbilisi: Napoleonic Society of Georgia
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