200th anniversary of the Principate of Canino – Lucien Bonaparte

from 29/03/2014 to 30/08/2014
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200th anniversary of the Principate of Canino – Lucien Bonaparte

200th anniversary of the Principate of Canino – Lucien Bonaparte
January to August 2014
Series of talks
29 March-31 August: Exhibition “Canino: an open air museum of Lucien Bonaparte”
For the whole of the month of August, it will be possible to visit several major monuments of the city of Canino connected to Lucien Bonaparte.
At times which you have to decide with the “Cultural Association Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino”, the members of the association will freely give their time to guide you around the city, notably to see the Chiesa Collegiata-Cappella Bonaparte which comprises: a funeral monument to Lucien Bonaparte and a cenotaph for Lucien's father, Carlo Bonaparte, and a cenotaph for Christine Boyer, Lucien's first wife, a funeral monument for Joseph Bonaparte, son of Lucien, a portrait of Pius VII by Wicar, a panel by Mariotto Albertinelli: Madonna with Saints (16th century, gift of Lucien Bonaparte), and a roundel by Jacoppo Pontormo: Prophets (16th century gift of Lucien Bonaparte).
The Museo di San Francesco also contains details regarding Lucien's interest in Etruscan excavations.
There will be an exhibition at the Biblioteca Communale, with engravings by Valadier with reproductions of Attic vases, found by Lucien in the Etruscan necropolis, engravings by Lucien (loans from private collections), illustrations and texts related to Lucien's relationship with his wife Christine Boyer, and books by and about Lucien.
31 August: Commemorative day for Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino
11am: Welcome
1pm: Aranciera, lunch offered by the town of Canino
4pm: In the garden, 19th century music entertainment
6pm: “Country by-roads”: theatrical representations of the life of Lucien Bonaparte
9pm: Theatre representation by the company Gens Caninia
10pm: Firing of small morters and launch of aerostatic globe
More details: www.canino2008.it
e-mail: canino_2008@libero.it
tel: +39.331.7308326

Associazione Culturale Luciano Bonaparte
Via Roma n.1
01011 Canino

Langue(s) : Italian

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