21st anniversary of the Route du Prince Impérial

from 28/05/2017 to 04/06/2017
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Every year since 1996, the project “The Route of the Impérial Prince” commemorates the death on 1 June 1879 of the son of Napoleon III in Zululand, South Africa during a “French Week” which will take place from 28 May to 4 June 2017 .


21st anniversary of the Route du Prince Impérial
Tombe du Prince impérial à Uqweqwe en Afrique du Sud

Detailed programme of the French week 2017.

Summary of this years programme
Sunday, May 28th – appointment at Alberts Falls – the first stage of the pilgrimage of the Empress Eugenie after leaving Maritzburg on April 29th, 1880;
Monday, May 29 – Msunduzi Museum. Guided visit to the exhibition “Prince Impérial” in the Msunduzi Museum. One can see there a reproduction of the stele of the Prince to uQweqwe;
Tuesday, May 30 – Imperial dinner;
Wednesday, May 31 – concert by the young people for the Imperial Prince and the Route du Prince Impérial;
Wednesday 31 May – evening with La Danté Alighieri;
Thursday 1 June – organ concert;
Friday 2 June – Evening and concert with His Excellency the Ambassador of France, Christophe Farnaud to celebrate the 21 years of the Route du Prince Impérial;
Saturday, June 3rd – Mass for the Prince in the Oblate Chapel and inauguration of the Oblate Garden renamed the “Prince Imperial” Garden for the 21st year of the Route du Prince Impérial;
Saturday 3 June – visit to the Sisters in Pomeroy;
Saturday, June 3 – French evening in Dundee;
Sunday 4 June – Tribute to the Prince and celebrations for the 21 years of the Route du Prince Impérial.

In 2017, the Route du Prince Impérial received a grant from the Fondation Napoléon for the publication of a brochure on its activities.

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