Napoleon at the chateau of Le Plessis-Bourré

from 30/07/2016 to 31/07/2016
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On 30 and 31 July 2016 the castle grounds of Plessis-Bourré in the Anjou (France) will be the setting for an exceptional show!

For the first time in Anjou, at the castle of Plessis-Bourré (inherited by Francois Reille-Soult of Dalmatia, a French politician descended from Marshals Soult, Massena and Reille) passionate re-enactors will reproduce a clash between the French Empire and the Coalition.

Napoleon at the chateau of Le Plessis-Bourré


Weekend program:

Saturday :
10.00: Start of festivities

10.45: Rally in running order in the courtyard

11.00: Review of troops by the officers and Lords

11.30: Troops return to camp

12.00: Lunch at the camp for soldiers and food stand for visitors

13.30: Educational activities: manufacture of cartridges, explanation of camp life, the ordinary soldier, the soldier School

14.00: Cavalry Demonstration: relaxation horses in close order, maneuvering loads

14.30: Training Jumper: Racing heads and individual fights

15.30: Demonstration of the pack in fire, deployment of infantry, infantry charge

16.15: Demonstration of cavalry skirmishes and infantry. Taking barrel

17.00: Back to the camp life of the soldier and meeting with the public

19.30: Officers’ Ball: Napoleonic Music  – Onsite

Sunday :

10.00: Camp Life – Educational workshops:

Educational activities: manufacture of cartridges for 1777 rifle, explanation of the flintlock rifle, evolution of the weapon, foil fencing.
camp tour, kitchen, ordinary soldier. Meeting with soldiers and uniformologic explanation.

11.00: Training jumper – headers race, individual battles

12.00: Lunch at the camp for soldiers and food stand for visitors

13.30: Demonstration of manoeuvers and soldier school with the public:

Soldier School for children or adults under the command of a sergeant. Soldiers’ dress, foot manoeuvers and line developments

14.30: Demonstration maneuvers on the field by infantry.

15.30: cavalry demonstrations, interractions with the public

16.15: Demonstration of cavalry skirmishes and infantry. Cannons.

17.00: Back at camp, soldier’s life

Costume rental:
If you want to attend the Officers’ Ball  but do not have a suitable costume, we suggest renting (or buying) an outfit from Cassandra of the Atelier Blanche Hermine.
Rental rates: from 30 € to 45 € for the evening.

Prices :
adult day: 10 €
Evening: 5 €
Day Package + Evening: 14 €

Opening hours:
Saturday, July 30: 10h – 22h
Sunday, July 31: 10h – 18h

Continuous on-site catering

Practical information about the Chateau du Plessis-Bourré (in English).

Full presentation of the event in French here.


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