Chairs for a French Elite: from the Sun King to Marianne (‘Sièges en Société: du Roi-Soleil à Marianne’)

from 25/04/2017 to 22/10/2017
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An exhibition at the Galerie des Gobelins (part of the Manufactures des Gobelins, tapestry factory) is displaying three centuries’ of seats, thrones and chairs belonging to historical as well as more recent members of the French elite.

All the chairs in the exhibition come from the French “Mobilier National” (link in English), an institution which has been the depository of French ornate furniture since the time of Henri IV, and which provided furniture to some of France’s most noteworthy figures, whether that be Kings, Emperors or Presidents. Today it fullfills an important role in both the preservation, conservation and promotion of this important collection, which constitutes one of France’s National Treasures ,and continues to provide the furnishings to official palaces of the Republic and the various presidential residences(link in English).

This current display focusing specifically on chairs, constists of a selection of both complete and finished seats as well as those reduced to their wooden frames, offering a glimse into their manufacture and transformation from the rawest of materials into luxury items that would once have adorned the residences of France’s richest and most renowned personalities.

The exhibition is a celebration of the furniture-making process as well as the finished objects themselves, and offers an insight into the techniques, tools and materials used to make high-class furniture.

It is open between 11am and 6pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Tickets cost 8 euros for adults, 6 euros at a reduced rate and are free for schoolchildren.

More information can be found here on the website.

Galerie des Gobelins,
42 Avenue des Gobelins,
75013 Paris

Practical Information in English.

Metro: Les Gobelins.

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