Bacler d’Albe, imperial cartographer

from 07/04/2018 to 01/07/2018
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An exhibition in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternosie (near Arras in the north of France) celebrates one of its illustrious sons, Baron Louis Albert Guillain Bacler d’Albe, Napoleon Bonaparte’s brigadier general but also a painter and lithographer. A selection of graphic works presented at the Musée Danvin (until 1 July) reveals an unknown aspect of Bonaparte’s personal topographer.

French title: “Bacler d’Albe, artiste saint-polois, cartographe impérial”

The exhibition brings together for the first time a collection of lithographs, works and original drawings illustrating an abundant production.

Image: Godefroy Engelmann, General Baron Bacler d’Albe, lithograph, 43.5 x 35 cm, Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, Bruno Danvin Museum


Bruno Danvin Municipal Museum
Rue Oscar Ricque
03 21 03 85 69
03 21 04 56 25

Opening times: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 14h30-17h30
Visit also possible at other times by appointment on 03 21 03 85 69 or by mail to (cultural mediator of the city)

Free admission

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