Bicentenary of Napoleon’s Presence on the Island of Elba

from 11/04/2014 to 26/02/2015
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Bicentenary of Napoleon’s Presence on the Island of Elba

Portoferraio and the Island of Elba are organizing a series of commemorative events for the bicentenary of the Emperor's presence there – first and foremost are the restoration of I Mulini, the Emperor's Summer Residence on the Island, and the exhibition of the Emperor's bivouac tent in the Demidoff Galleria of the Villa San Martino.
– 11 April, 2014: Talk on the Treaty of Fontainebleau: in Portoferraio, organised in collaboration with the Centre for Napoleonic Studies. It will be followed by a small show presented by the Lions Club.
– 2 to 4 May: Inauguration of the Bicentenary. Reenactment of the preparations and of Napoleon's arrival on the Island on 4 May at 4pm with bivouac, and a 19th-century market on the Piazza Cavour. Visits of the Cathedral and the Town Hall.
– 3 May: Concert of the French Choir “Les Baladins de la Chanson” in Portoferraio Cathedral at 6pm
– 4 May: Concert organised by the Fondation Napoléon in Portoferraio Cathedral at 6pm
– 5 May in the morning: Anniversary of Napoleon's Death. A mass in his memory will be celebrated at the Church of the ‘Misericordia' in Portoferraio at 10:30am. Reenactors from Belgium in period costume will be present. Napoleon's death mask and a mold of Napoleon's hand (both kept in the local museum) will be shown on a catafalque
– 5 to 31 May: Symposium and talks organised by the Centre for Napoleonic Studies and the National Museum, with the Historical Archives of the Island of Elba
– 10 May: Concert by the Arma de Carabinieri brass band
– 18 May: Historical re-enactment of Napoleon's visit to the Campa nell'Elba and market
– 1 June: Reenactment of Pauline's arrival in the harbour of Porto Azzurro
– 8 June: Food tasting of 19th-century cuisine
– 13 and 15 June: Great ball in period costume on the square of the Cultural Centre De Laugier in Portoferraio, with animations in the Historical Centre of the Dance Society.
– 13 July: Commemoration of Napoleon's departure for the Isle of Pianosa, in Campo nell'Elba
– 25 July: Historical re-enactment of Napoleon's visit of the East of the Island, in Rio dell'Elba, where it is believed the Emperor spent the night at the St Catherine Hermitage, and then gave a camp bed to the hermit.
– 14 and 15 August: Dances, marketplaces, shows, sailing competitions, historical rowing competition, concerts, film screenings, fireworks in Portoferraio for the Emperor's birthday on 15 August. Porto Azzurro is organising on 14 August a re-enactment of the meeting of Maria Walewska with Napoleon at Our Lady of Mont Marciana.
– 29 August to 7 September: Music Festival: “Napoleon in Music” and “Elbe: European Musical Island”
– 6 September : Great Ball in period costumes on the main square of Portoferraio
– 1 November: Show about Pauline Bonaparte
– 26 February, 2015: Reenactment of the Emperor's departure for Golfe-Juan.
More dates to come: check the Official Bicentenary of Napoleon's Presence on Elba Website for regular updates (in English).
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