Conversazioni Napoleoniche (Napoleonic Talks)

Study Day
from 21/08/2017 to 23/08/2017
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This is the 2017 edition of the Napoleonic conversations in Lucca organised by the association Napoleone ed Elisa in Toscana.

Conversazioni Napoleoniche (Napoleonic Talks)

Conversazioni Napoleoniche (Napoleonic Talks) 2017 (in Italian)


Free entrance


Monday 21 August, Role of Elisa Bonaparte Baciochi as precursor in terms of health and the use of society to establish consensus, by Velia Gini Bartoli and Simonetta Pardini

Tuesday 22 August, Napoleon’s Hat, an exercise in image manipulation?, by Peter Hicks

Wednesday 23 August, The various exiles in Napoleon’s life (with film extracts), by Pier Dario Marzi, in collaboration with Cine-Forum Cinit Ezechiele 25,17

Full information in Italian here.

Chiostro di San Micheletto, Lucca, Italy

21-23 August at 21h30

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