Dumas and Bonaparte: Intertwined Destinies

from 01/04/2018 to 30/09/2018
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French title: Dumas et Bonaparte: Destins Croisés

In partnership with the Association of Museum Curators of the Hauts-de-France, and as part of the “Versailles at Arras” event devoted to Napoleon I, the Alexandre Dumas museum in Villers-Cotterets will be home this summer (until September 2018) to an exhibition exploring the connections between the famous author and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Dumas and Bonaparte: Intertwined Destinies

“Alexandre Dumas and Napoleon Bonaparte were two generals whose destinies were inextricably linked to the events of the royalist insurrection of October 5, 1795, which saw the rise of Bonaparte at the expense of Dumas, condemning the latter to the oblivion of History.”

The museum welcomes for the first time in Villers-Cotterêts the authentic portrait of General Dumas as a hunter painted by Louis Gauffier at the end of the 18th century (on loan from the Bonnat-Helleu museum in Bayonne) and which served as a model for Olivier Pichat to produce the equestrian portrait of the Horatius Coclès of Tyrol. This painting, alongside the permanent collections of the museum help to illustrate the intertwined destinies of these two influential figures in the early 19th century.

Open every day except Tuesday at the following times:
Monday-Saturday: 2pm-5pm
Sunday 2pm-6pm
Closed on public holidays and the last Sunday of the month

Place: Musée Alexandre Dumas, 24 Rue Demoustier, 02600 Villers-Cotterets

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