250th anniversary of Napoleon’s birth: various events

from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019
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Among the many other “big” anniversaries that fall this year is of course the 250th anniversary of Napoleon’s birth in Ajaccio, Corsica. From his birthplace, via his former military school in Brienne, to the remote island where he looked back over his life and dictated his memoirs, St Helena, many events are commemorating this auspicious date, namely 15 August 1769.

250th anniversary of Napoleon’s birth: various events
The Maison Bonaparte in Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon I

March-December 2019, in Autun (and on the occasion of the 240th anniversary of the arrival of Joseph and Napoleon): IMPERIAL YEAR. With talks, exhibitions, guided tours, theatre,… Read more (link in French)

May-October 2019, Ajaccio: NAPOLEON YEAR. With an exhibition about Mathilde Bonaparte at the Palais Fesch Museum; an exhibition focusing on Napoleon in contemporary art, also at the Palais Fesch and in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo; talks; the renovation of Elisa Bonaparte’s house which will become an architectural centre, with the creation of a Napoleonic database; creation of a Napoleonic itinerary for the city; theatre; other events to come. Programme regularly updated on the website of the Ajaccio Tourist Office (various languages available)

Until 2 June, at the Saint-Vic Museum in Saint-Amand-Montrond (France): EXHIBITION “From Bonaparte to Napoleon. Information from the museum

Until 5 July, in Ajaccio, at the Maison Bonaparte Museum: EXHIBITION “Ajaccio, l’enfance de Napoléon” [“Ajaccio, Napoleon’s childhood”].  An exhibition at the Maison Bonaparte will be held in Ajaccio from 5 April to 7 July 2019 on the theme of Napoleon’s young years, from 1769 to 1799, highlighting the most unknown aspects of his early existence: his ancestors, his entourage, his daily life… The exhibition, designed for Young Historians, will feature comic strips and scenes made of playmobil to illustrate his career.

Until 30 September, at the Musée Napoléon at Brienne-le-Château: EXHIBITION “Bonaparte, the youth of an officer”. About twenty drawings, statues, dioramas, original objects and works are gathered to evoke Napoleon Bonaparte’s early years. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth and the 240th anniversary of his entry into the Royal Military School of Brienne-le-Château, this exhibition recalls the conditions and the main stages in the life of the young student who became an officer. Activities, conferences and guided tours are also planned. Free entrance More information (in French)

Weekend 29-30 June 2019, in Saint-Amand-Montrond (France): Various events. pdf in French

14 August in Châteauroux (France): CONCERT in the main courtyard of the Hôtel Bertrand. Free admission. More information

15th August, Calvi (Corsica): CELEBRATION with fireworks.  this commemoration of Napoleon-Bonaparte’s 250th birthday will be dedicated to the 5 senses (taste, sight, hearing, smell, touch) and an exceptional collaboration of heritage representatives, local producers and artisans. Article in French

17-18 August, at the Waterloo Memorial, Belgium: Re-enactment around “Napoleon and Wellington’s youth”. This weekend event, to commemorated the 250th anniversaries of the births of Napoleon and Wellington will immerse visitors in the lives of civilians and soldiers at the end of the 18th century, with demonstrations of crafts such as leather tanning, basket weaving and embroidery as well as demonstrations of military manoeuvres.

Updated: 24/5/2019

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