From Myth to Satire: Napoleonic Prints from the CRAL foundation of Alessandria

from 18/05/2017 to 30/07/2017
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(Title in Italian  “Dal mito alla satira – Stampe napoleoniche dalle collezioni della Fondazione CRAL“).

From 18 May to 30 July, the Museo Civico di Palazzo Cuttica di Cassine in Alessandria (Italy) is hosting an exhibition of Napoleonic prints, perpetuating and challenging the Napoleonic myth.

The myth of Napoleon, then First Consul of France, was greatly strengthened by his victory in the Battle of Marengo, which features heavily in this exhibition. Fought on 14 June 1800, the battle was a success. Not only did Napoleon emerge from the battle victorious, but this victory was won against the odds, with the French forces at first outnumbered two to one against the Austrians, then turning the tables to emerge triumphant.

The exhibition does not merely present Napoleon as a great strategist and leader in his victory at Marengo, but also contains satirical prints that depict him as a warmonger who causes only death and destruction.

The exhibition places great importance on Alessandria as centre stage of the battle, and affirms its place in the history of the Napoleonic myth. There are 71 prints altogether in the collection, visually displaying the battle between the French and Austrian troops, and placing Napoleon at the forefront of the battle as commander.

The exhibition is at the Palazzo Cuttica di Cassine on Via Parma 1, 15121, Alessandria, Italy. It is open from 3-9pm on Saturdays and Sundays, last entrance 6.15pm. Further information can be found by calling +39 0131234266, sending an email to

Tickets and information here (in Italian).


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