The battle of Austerlitz: Historical weekend

from 01/12/2017 to 03/12/2017
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A three-day event commemorating the 212th anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz including on Saturday a re-enactement under the Santon Hill  with around 1000 participants in uniforms, 60 horses and 15 cannons.

The battle of Austerlitz: Historical weekend

Friday 1 December 2017
17:30     Fires of Girzikowitz, Zuran hill (organized by the commune of Podoli)
18:00     Skirmish in Krenovice (orgaized by Buhurt)
18:00     Fires of Girzikowitz, Jirikovice, Blazovska street (organized by Jirikovice)

Saturday 2 December 2017
07:30     Zuran hill, Sun of Austerlitz, review of the French troops
09:00     Tvarozna, review of the Austrian troops
10:30–12:00     Santon, battlefield – infantry and cavalry maneuvers
14:00-15:30     Re-enactment of the battle of Austerlitz

Accompanying program
Tvarozna – military camp at the square, fair
Slavkov – fair, visits of the castle in costumes, evening fireworks (organized by Slavkov)

Sunday 3 December 2017
12:00 Act of piety at the Peace monument near Prace
Military camps during the weekend
Old post of Pozoritz, Krenovice, Tvarozná, Zbysov, Kobylnice and Slavkov

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