A historical weekend at the Battlefield of Waterloo

Family, Re-enactment
from 23/06/2018 to 24/06/2018
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A historical weekend at the Battlefield of Waterloo
From Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 June 2018.

Three years after the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, meet the French and allied re-enactors in a family-friendly atmosphere. Join the celebrations on June 23-24, 2018.

A fascinating historical weekend will gather together numerous activities and entertainment at each of the sites of the battle: bivouacs, the first children’s headquarters, the assault of Hougoumont farm, exhibitions…

The Children’s Headquarters

Since its renovation, Napoleon’s last headquarters has focused on catering for young visitors and awakening them to the wonders of history. It was logical, therefore, that during the Battle of Waterloo commemorations the museum would become, for a whole weekend, the first children’s headquarters!

Napoleonic bivouacs

Napoleon’s last headquarters

Close to 150 re-enactors will be present in the park and in the orchard of Napoleon’s last headquarters. The emperor and his staff will manage their troops throughout the weekend.

As with each bivouac, visitors will get the chance to meet the groups of historical re-enactors and soak in the imperial atmosphere. They will learn all about the bivouacs, weapons, equipment, observe the preparation of meals and relive daily life in the camps: gunfire, canon fire, changing of the guard and patrols.

Allied Camps

Hougoumont farm

The orchard of Hougoumont farm will welcome close to 60 participants and 30 horses.

Napoleonic remembrance walk

For more than 20 years, walkers have been honouring the memory of French soldiers by organising a Napoleonic remembrance walk which starts in Jumet and ends in Waterloo every 18 June.

The remembrance walk will pass through the town of Genappe and the village of Ways, where flowers will be placed on the tomb of Count Duhesme, Lieutenant-General of the French Army, who died in Genappe in 1815. The arrival of some 50 participants in full, authentic uniform, with music the imperial coach is planned for the Saturday afternoon.

Travel back in time and experience the Battle of Waterloo.

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