The French Navy during the First Empire

from 13/01/2023 to 01/05/2023
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French title: “La marine sous le Premier Empire”

The Wellington Museum in Waterloo (Belgium) is hosting an exhibition in partnership with the Belgian delegation of the Souvenir Napoléonien on the French navy at the time of Napoleon from Friday, 13 January to Monday, 1 May 2023.
This exhibition was sponsored by the Fondation Napoléon in 2022.

The French Navy during the First Empire

This new temporary exhibition invites you to discover the technical innovations brought to navigation, the daily life of the men on board the frigates of the period as well as the contribution of Belgian resources in the development of the imperial navy!
The exhibition will present an authentic collection of objects including a selection of period weapons, various objects which accompanied the daily life of the sailors, a naval cannon, scale models and numerous uniforms.
It’s time to hoist the mainsail! Accompanied by immersive displays, our exhibition will allow visitors to take part in an authentic and unforgettable experience in the middle of the ocean!

► Tickets, photos and activities (lectures, guided tours, …) on the Wellington Museum website.
► Watch a video report on the exhibition (duration: 3min05).


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