“A passo di carica”: Murat, Naples and Europe

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On Monday 18 February, Thierry Lentz and Peter Hicks, (respectively Director and International Affairs Officer at the Fondation Napoléon), will be participating in an event entitled “Murat, at a steady pace: Naples and Europe” (“Murat, a passo di carica. Napoli e l’Europa”), including talks, a guided tour, and a concert.

4pm to about 8pm

Palazzo Reale Naples
Piazza del Plebiscito, 1
80132 Naples, Italy

“A passo di carica”: Murat, Naples and Europe

Programme (Palazzo Reale Naples):
4 pm: A presentation of the book A passo di carica, Murat, re di Napoli, ed. Luigi Mascilli Migliorini
A presentation of the book Murat, Naples, Europe by Nicoletta Marini of Armenia
Three brief interventions: Thierry Lentz, Renata De Lorenzo, Renata Lattuada
Presentation of the MurApp smartphone application, Murat’s Naples, with Bruno Frangipane, Paolo Mascilli Migliorini, Nicoletta Marini from Armenia, Massimo Visone

6.15 pm: A guided tour and presentation of the restoration of the palace by the former director, Annalisa Porzio

7 pm: A mini-concert at the Opera Café Teatro San Carlo, “The sounds of Battle”, given by Peter Hicks (piano)
Programme details (in Italian)

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