Music and religious practices in France in the nineteenth century (1802-1905)

Study Day
from 20/03/2014 to 21/03/2014
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The religious repertoires and musical activities of French churches during the nineteenth century have been conspicuously passed over in works on the history of music of that period in France. The only information available concerns the Empire and Restoration periods (studied by Jean Mongrédien), and indirect contributions are to be found, for example, in studies of French organists. The aim of this symposium, organised by three doctoral students, is to deepen our current knowledge of this subject. The main topics dealt with will be: the sources of information available on the history of religious music during that period in France; historicism as regards music and the restoration of the liturgy; the adoption of a ‘musical policy' and the stakes involved; religious music in actions.
Scientific committee: Rémy Campos, Cécile Davy-Rigaux, Alban Ramaut e Patrice Veit.

Organised by Fanny Gribenski, Vincent Rollin e Amélie Porret
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Langue(s) : French

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