Napoleon in Playmobil® at Autun

from 27/05/2023 to 27/08/2023
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From 27 May to 27 August 2023, the town of Autun, a member of the Ville Impériale label, is staging an exhibition on the life of Napoleon I using Playmobil® figurines.

The exhibition is located on the ground floor of Autun town hall, in the Colonel Lévêque room.
Access via the forecourt, entrance to the left of the main staircase

Autun Town Hall
1, place du Champ de Mars
71400 Autun

Open from 27 May to 27 August 2023, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm, every day except Tuesday.

Adults (aged 18 and over): €5
Children (6 – 17): €3
Children aged 5 and under: free

Tel: 03 85 86 80 93


Napoleon in Playmobil® at Autun

What could be more remarkable than the life of Napoleon, who came from his native Corsica at the age of 10 and, in 1779, did his first apprenticeship on French soil at the Collège d’Autun (where he would later return)? From Ajaccio to St Helena, the story of the man who became the first French emperor fascinates young and old alike.
Autun is offering an exhibition of Playmobil® figures, presenting the different stages of Napoleon’s life and some of the major battles of his reign in 19 “tableaux”, to provide a fun and but also an educational introduction to napoleonic history for youngsters.
Playmobil® figures will help you (re)discover the great moments in the life of Napoleon I, from the beginnings of his military career to his death on St Helena
It’s a unique and fun experience for all the family.

Throughout the exhibition
The story of Napoleon I is told in 19 “tableaux” recreated by “Playmobil” characters.
5 “dioramas” and 14 scenes illustrate the highlights of the Emperor’s life.
The largest of the dioramas, “The Battle of Waterloo”, measures 36m², the Battle of Eylau is 18m², the Egyptian Campaign 10m²…

Find out more about the scenes presented (in French)

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