Napoleon was Here! Bonaparte’s Expedition to the Middle East, 1798-1801

from 23/03/2017 to 01/06/2017
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View of the Port and Great Mosque of Boulaq from the Description d'Egypt

The Collection “Napoleon and his Era” at the National Library of Israel

Curators: Stefan Litt, Milka Levy-Rubin

Among the millions of items in the National Library of Israel collections is a cache of original documents, books, maps and medallions focused around the person and actions of Napoleon Bonaparte (1796-1821). The most important of these are arranged in several special collections of books and archival materials, which formed the foundation for the exhibition “Napoleon was Here! Bonaparte’s Expedition to the Middle East, 1798-1801”.

The documents and letters shown in our exhibition are part of a singular collection called “Napoleon and his Era”, which was acquired by the polymath scholar and collector Abraham Shalom Yahuda (Jerusalem 1877 – New York 1951). Recently, the collection was re-catalogued and all of the items in it were digitised. It is now available to the public through the National Library of Israel’s website. Access to the documents in the database.

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 18:00 Friday 09:00- 12:00
Entrance is free of charge.

Address: National Library of Israel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Giv’at Ram, Jerusalem, 9139002, Israël

Click here for the online exhibition.

Lecture Series: Napoleon Was Here!
Thursday | March 30th 2017 | 08:30 pm

The Medical Aspects of Napoleon’s Campagin to the Land of Israel, 1799
Prof. Eran Dolev, Tel-Hai Academic College

Napoleon’s Campaign of Conquest in the Land of Israel and the Palestinian Response
Prof. Mustafa Abbasi, Tel-Hai Academic College

He Shall Not Pass: The Ottoman Perspective on Napoleon’s Invasion
Dr. Avner Wishnitzer, Tel-Aviv University

This lecture is free but you need to sign up to attend.

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